Do you need a method for ipl betting? Discover it now!

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Do you need a method for ipl betting? Discover it now!

Ipl betting strategies


Ipl betting strategies: the key to succeed

Talking about method, strategy and plan do not seem something exciting or passionate, but they do if talking about ipl betting. Designing a plan is a must if you online 3 patti real money want to succeed in ipl betting. But when doing it, there are some steps you need to take:

  2. Set a budget: This is the first step to take. Before you start looking at which website to bet on and which sporting event to bet on, first think about how much fun88 india you want to invest in it. Decide how much you are willing to invest, what your bankroll will be. If you are just starting out with online betting, your budget should be much lower at first and gradually increase with experience.
  4. Of course, the bigger the bet the more you will win, but start off on the safe side and then you will be emboldened. Use a bookmaker to choose your bookie: Betting comparators are a very good option for betting on Cricket, soccer, basketball, cycling, motor racing...
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  8. For all ipl betting in general. These websites compare the odds of the main online bookmakers for each match or sporting event. This way, you can see briefly what you could win if you bet on each of them and choose the betting website that gives you the highest odds.
  10. But be careful! as we will explain below, the odds are variable, so relying solely on the odds is not recommended or reliable. They also have information about the different online bookmakers out there, analyzing technical aspects, usability, the variety of sports, odds, and bonuses among other features. In this way, you can choose the betting website that best suits your needs without having to enter one by one to make the analysis yourself, or without having to try them all.
  12. Compare betting websites: Ranking with the best bonuses from different bookmakers according to open odds (ipl betting comparison website). There are many ipl betting comparison sites, of course.
  14. And it is also advisable to compare the results of several comparators with each other, and not to stick to the analysis and assessment made by a single betting comparison website. The most important features to consider are the following: bonuses, betting odds, customer service, usability, number of sports covered, live betting offer, payment methods, betting limits, security and other additional services of the website, such as casino, bingo, etc.
  16. Some of these features will probably not affect you; for example the betting limits if you are a beginner, the payment methods if you are going to use a conventional method such as credit or debit card; or even the number of sports if you are only interested in the most popular ones.
  18. So rather than looking at the overall score of the bookmaker that the comparator in question gives you, we recommend that you look at the objective characteristics that they analyze and, if it seems reliable, the score of each of these characteristics.
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  22. Bet on the highest value odds (EV+): Many people believe that the most profitable in the long run is to bet at small odds (e.g. +- 1.10) or else at high odds (e.g. +-3.90), or they are not clear which of the two options is the most profitable.
  24. The initial approach is wrong, since, in the end, betting is like poker: the goal is to look for bets that have EV+ (expected value positive), i.e. an expected value with positive value; also known as "value bets" or "positive expectations".
  26. Thus, the EV+ is the play that maximizes the expected value. As a rule, if you consider that something has a 50% chance of happening, you should bet only if the odds are greater than 2. Of course, the difficult thing is to be able to estimate better than the market what is the real probability of a particular bet.
  28. Never bet more than a Stake 10 on an event: A stake is the amount of money bet. The money that is at stake. They are graded on a scale of 1 to 10 according to the degree of risk and are closely related to the bankroll (budget). The general recommendation is not to abuse high stakes.
  30. The money at stake in a single bet should never exceed 10% of our budget, i.e., a stake 10 should never be higher than 10% of our bankroll. The most recommended is that the Stake 10 represents 5-6% of the bankroll and even so this play is risky, because although there are bets that may seem to you that are very clear, or even safe bets, even the safest event can be lost.
  32. Consider the volatility of the odds: The variability of odds is a crucial factor that most bettors don't pay attention to. That is, how long it takes for bookmakers to react by raising or lowering the quotes of certain bets to incoming money. Volatility is closely linked to the specific event or match and the type of proposition, and the role of the tipster is very important. Here's why.
  34. Follow various Experts / Tipsters / Predictors: ipl betting gurus go by various names, but the most popular are Tipster (a person who gives tips or advice) or result forecasters in English. They are experts in one or more disciplines of the game, such as tennis, soccer, basketball, golf and even darts, who are dedicated to making estimates of seasons, matches or events in their channels of dissemination.
  36. You can follow them on their blog, Youtube, Twitter, subscribe to their mailing lists or any other social network where they are sharing their recommendations.
  38. Considering the predictions of people who are professionally dedicated to making money with ipl betting can help you make better decisions regarding your strategy, but don't forget that they are not going to tell you absolutely everything they know, and that the more followers they have and the less popular the sports and/or their leagues are, the more these mass bets will affect the variability of the odds.
  40. Eye on Surebets: When starting out in ipl betting, the tendency of the novice gambler is to look for surebets that allow you to win mathematically, i.e. fairly safely.
  42. The strategy of "surebets" is to take advantage of the fluctuations of the odds and/or the different forecasts of the experts to bet on all the possible possibilities of the same event to cover all the alternatives of success and to obtain a sure profit.
  44. The trick of this betting system is to bet between two or more bookmakers, since each bookmaker applies a different profit margin and different odds, so the benefit is in playing with this. Normally the trick of making surebets bets gives a profitability between 0% and 5% of the bet amount, although sometimes it exceeds 15% profit.
  46. However, as safe as they may seem, several factors must be considered as the surebets strategy can present quite a few unforeseen events and problems:
  48. The different rules of each bookmaker. For example, when one bookmaker considers the result of a match or sporting event invalid and the other one does. Inflated" profitability percentages: when surebets give very high profitability percentages, it is possible that it is due to bookmakers' mistakes and they end up annulling them. The bookmakers' ability to react: we have already discussed this factor in the "odds volatility" section.
  50. Avoid Multiple/Accumulated Bets: Accumulated bets are packs of bets on outcomes of different sporting events that offer you a higher odd if they all turn out to be winners. That's why winning a multiple bet is like winning a lottery.
  52. The odds of winning are very low, but if you win, you have triumphed. If you want to play responsibly, we recommend you play long term and avoid this type of bets since the more games you include in a betting slip, the higher the probability that one of the outcomes of the events or matches will fail and ruin the rest of the bet.
  54. Also, keep in mind that even if you get lucky (because that's all it is) and your multiple bet wins, you will find that most bookmakers put limits on the potential profit, as the win is limited to a certain maximum amount of money (usually the limit is $20,000). It is always better to focus on bets such as Asian handicap, Over/Under bets strategies, also useful when you are betting on sports.

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