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This is my advice, first I consider that the best option for you, who are a beginner, is to start online since you need to play a large number of hands before you feel comfortable and know poker online all the characteristics of the game. Later we will see the important of Teen Patti Rules and Teen Patti Cash.


Because there are many things to learn.

Starting in a casino would only serve to add extra pressure that will prevent you poker online from focusing on the most important thing in the beginning that is nothing to learn.


In online games there are many options for you to play, although three stand out which are: tournaments, cash tables and sit and go.


So, What format poker online you should choose and why?


Let´s start with the cash tables:

If your interest in poker grew because you want to win money, then your poker online best option is the cash table. Since this gives you more options to earn money.


Sit and go and Tournaments:

Now sit and go and the tournaments, both are for fun and are very interesting, especially for beginners. 


If having fun from the game is your main goal, then you´ll like these options. Just as if your goal is to learn poker enough to reach the level necessary to participate in a big live tournament, these options are tpoker online he best choice to entertain you. 


As always there will be common mistakes

First mistake, is to ignore the position; Hand position is very important in any Hold'em game. The later you have to act in hand, the more information you will have when taking action and making your decision.


If you are in the last positions, you poker online can act knowing what your rivals have done and react to their actions, being able to more reliably imagine which play they have. For this reason, this is the dealer, it will be the best position you can have.


Second mistake, Don't be too aggressive

If it is true that in poker it is very important to be aggressive, but it´s even more important to know how to choose the right moment for it.


For this reason, if you think your opponent has a good hand poker online, don't try to kick him out of the pot with big bets. Because in the long run your behaviors will make you waste a lot of money.


Third mistake, showing the cards too much